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Koyna Dam
Koyna Dam is a rubble concrete dam 103.02 m high above the deepest foundation level, and 85.35 m high above River Bed. It has a total length of 807.22 m. It is constructed across river Koyna, which is a major a tributary of River Krishna. The dam is located Near village Deshmukhwadi in Patan Tahasil in Satara district of Maharashtra State of India. The Dam is founded on basalt rock. Koyna is one of the major Hydro Electric Projects in the Country. The dam impounds 2980.34 MCum water to generate 1960 MW power.

The dam is built in 53 monoliths of which six end monoliths are constructed in masonry and the rest in rubble concrete. The spillway is centrally located and extends from monolith number 18 to 24 over a length of 88.70 m. Six radial gates of size 41 ft X 25 ft are installed in the spillway (manufacturers M/s Conrad Czoke). In year 2003, these gates are fixed with 5 ft high flaps which are independently operated hydraulically. The height of gates can thus now be considered as 30 ft. Catchment area of the Dam is 891.78 SqKm and submerged area is 115.35 SqKm. 98 villages were affected by the submergence and 9069 families were displaced. These families are Rehabilitated in 6 districts viz Satara, Sangali, Sholapur, Kolhapur, Raigad and Ratnagiri.

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